Thank you from your winner – Jesus!

jesuscalvocastroHi guys!

I initially got interested in ‘I’m a Scientist…Get me Out of Here’ as an alternative way to promote science in general and chemistry in particular to the new generations, building up on other activities that I am involved in such as ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’. Nonetheless, it did not take long to realise that this particular one was going to be completely different and would represent a good challenge, especially during the live chats!

These two last weeks have been amazing (stressful at times too), from the very first chat on the first Monday morning (Yes, I must admit that I was terrified when I started reading hundreds of questions!) to the last Friday with the numerous live chats, last questions and final winner announcement! I would recommend the experience to both scientists and students as I think that both can get a lot from it, there is no better way to test how much you know about something than trying to explain it to someone with a more limited background on the topic. Also, I think the students can benefit from talking to scientists and getting to know a bit more about student life from people that have been there not that long ago (Yes, we are still young and have a social life!)

I would like to finish by thanking the moderators and the fellow scientist for the fair battle, and to the students (especially for those of you behind #VoteForJesus) for the great questions and enthusiasm, you make ‘I’m a Scientist…Get me out of here!’

All the best,


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